San Diego Nothing More Beautiful

San Diego is a Beautiful place.  If only for the ocean and the lovely view.  I can spend hours just sitting on the beach.  It’s even better with a camera and a gorgeous model.  San Diego is a place anyone can fall in love with.  I met Kaela Erbe at La Jolla beach.  We were able to shoot 3 looks.  The first look was the blue bikini in the sand.  Which was published in RHK Magazine.

rhk1215kaela1 copy

The second look was the black bikini on the black rock.  With the sun setting in the background.  This look was published in Fuse Magazine.


Kaela 12-6-2954_8.5x11

BADD Magazine published the third and final look.  Which was a bit more creative.  Kaela was in a pair of jeans and and pink bra (or was it a bikini top) ?  Never the less it was sexy.  I know! who wears jeans at the beach ?  Well obviously Kaela does and she wore them well.  Well enough that we had many by standers stop to enjoy the sites.  Not sure if it was Kaela they were admiring or the beautiful San Diego sunset over the ocean in to the horizon ?



Since I’m telling the story it was Kaela hands down.  Plus the sunsets there everyday so Kaela was a feature attraction.  The three magazines agreed with me.  So take a look and tell me what you think.  I introduce you to San Diego, Ca vary own Kaela Erbe.

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One thought on “San Diego Nothing More Beautiful

  1. I wanted to say thank you so much for the pictures you took of my daughter, Kaela. They are amazing! Your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL just like my daughter.

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