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Gabrielle Daze was featured in Tat2 magazine with two images from this shoot. Grab your May 2015 issue of Tat2 Magazine to see our published images.

Gabrielle Nov 3-9307w

Some words I would like to use to describe Gabrielle Daze, so you all can better appreciate her beauty. Creative, strong, amazingly beautiful, and last but not least a rebel.

I most say that when Gabrielle graced my studio with her lovely smile I knew at that moment we would have a great shoot. She’s very comfortable in front of the camera. Gabrielle can make you feel at ease with every look. The first thing I notice was her long legs as she gracefully moved through the studio. The tattoo’s did not catch my attention until I sat down in front of my computer to look through the proofs. I know that maybe hard to believe since she has a lot of tats. I must say that even when I looked through the lense I was fixed on her eyes.

To my surprise this 25 year old beauty has her on business making custom crystal jewelry. Check out her website www.bigcartel.com/drusydruz

Gabrielle Nov 3-9260w


Gabrielle was very easy to work with. She took direction very well and owned it. Talking to her during breaks was a pleasure. It was like talking to an old friend.

We did several outfit changes each one better than the last. Well from my point of view. One of my favorite came from an outfit that only her special someone can see. Sorry everyone if you are not him, you are out of luck.


I must say that with Gabrielle made my studio come alive.   The studio is an older building with a lot of character. The old wood floors to the chipped paint. Gabrielle brought beauty into every room with her tall well shaped frame and the magnetic gaze of her eyes. We created something special.



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