Strong Support Helps Brighten Future

Graduation is right around the corner, and to most high school seniors they can’t wait to walk across the stage. Albert Ellis isn’t any different but for all the right reasons. I spent sometime with Albert and he amazed me with his laid back style.   Most teenagers don’t talk to adults much and if they do it’s short and to the point. I had the opportunity to photograph Albert for his senior pictures.Alby Feb 19-9344

Albert and I talked off and on during the photo shoot about sports, college and girls. The 3 major topics for a young man in his last few months of high school. College was the topic that sparked Albert’s interest. If, I was a gambling man I would have put my money on girls with sports being a close second. Albert informed me that he’s hoping to attend a college in the bay area.

alby bball-8065I couldn’t let him off the hook that easy so I jumped in to the girl conversation. I tried to be smooth about it so he wouldn’t just shut down. To my surprise Albert answered my inquires without telling much at all. He has a special lady in his life but college is most important. I felt like he didn’t give me much like a politician. (Albert Ellis for President)

Albert is the starting point guard for his high school basketball team. I asked all the right basketball questions. What stood out was that Albert would like to walk on and tryout for which ever college he attends in the fall. I was curious to see how his skill were on the court. I attended his game that night. I took my camera to get some action shots so he could add them to his senior photos. Albert showed the same style and class on the court as he did during our photo shoot. He took the ball to the basket and made wise decisions on the court when the game was close. These are skills that he will use in life. Take a look at the young man that will one day be at the head of a boardroom or shaping the minds of our youth Albert Ellis.


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alby bball-8041


One thought on “Strong Support Helps Brighten Future

  1. Albert will be attending University of California, Santa Cruz in fall 2014. Way to go Alby. I am so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I know you will take the same level of commitment with you as you embark on this next big milestone in life. Onward and upward!

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