Less Is More

Brittany arrives at the studio with only a small bag.  I was a bit surprised, being that most young ladies roll in with a huge suitcase.  She looked confident so I didn’t think much about it.  We jumped right in to what she expected and what I was looking for.   I gave Brittany a quick tour of the studio and we were ready to get started shooting.Brittany Feb 8-77472014L

Brittany Feb 8-78122014LWe started with a more urban look.  I really liked the way Brittany changed her facial expression with the movement of her eyes.  We quickly got into another look.  This look was more dramatic with low light and a dark outfit.  A black sleeveless top and black pants really helped Brittany pop.  With the final look being something a little sexy.  Even with the top being a flannel shirt, Brittany did great selling sexy with her hands in her hair and with her seductive eyes.  This was the true meaning of less is more in some cases. Take a look and you let me know what you think.  I can be reach viaBrittany Feb 8-79192014L



Instagram:  rkphotos_


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