A Race With The Sun

I would like to introduce you to the lovely Fere.  She’s a beautiful young lady with a great personality.  Fere has a very unique look that can only take a back seat to her amazing smile.  I had the opportunity to spend sometime with Fere and get to know her over a cup of coffee.  We discussed her goals as a model and that she’s not only a pretty face but she has a degree.

Fere jan 29-7402L
Fere and I did one of my fastest photo shoots for me to date.  We meet at 4:45 in the evening and began to shoot.  The sun was setting fast.  Is it just me or does it feel like time go’s fast when your having fun?  We started with a cute short outfit and then moved to a dress.  I used one main light on Fere and a speed light for a hair/rim light.

Fere jan 29-7344   We stop traffic and attracted a few fans standing around offering to help if I needed it.  (well should I say Fere drew a crowd )  As the sun set fast we moved with a lot more hast.  I think we did well but don’t let me be the judge take a look for yourself.


Here’s Fere to see more

Fere Jan 29-7384cL

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