Ajiale Couture Paradise by the Bay with a Breeze

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I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team of young ladies.  Ajiale Couture’s owner and designer contacted me to photograph two beautiful young ladies in several of Ajiale Couture’s designs.

Ebony Sf Aug 4-21412013

The Lovely Jade

Ebony Sf Aug 4-21192013

The Beautiful Jordan (Cold heart)

I arrived in San Francisco at 3:30 pm to a 65 degrees sunless day.  Which was fine for me ( I stay prepared with extra coats in my car).  I got to the location and saw the models bundled up as they were putting the final touches on their make up.  Sara a Mac certified make up artist was in the car with the heat on trying to keep warm.  Junior the other make up/stylist was out of the car making the final touches to Jordon the other featured model.  What surprised me was that Junior was in shorts.

As I emerged from my car I notice Ebony (Ajiale’s Couture’s owner) walking in my direction, with her beautiful smile and bubbly personality.  We exchange smiles and got right to business.  She explained what she was trying to achieve from the shoot and we discuss the number of outfits we were going to photograph.

The weather wasn’t the best for standing around or shorts but it was perfect for photographing.  With no sun in site and the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean behind them I could envision a great setting.   Several of us walked the area looking for easy to reach but out of the publics eye locations.  We spotted a few and returned to the cars to start the shoot.

The first model to endure the harsh cold of a San Francisco summer day was Jordan (Cold Heart).  As she reached the location a little less then frozen and teeth chattering we set up.  We being Jordan, Ebony and myself the others even Junior who I thought was handling the cold well with his shorts on stayed in the car out of site of the first location.  When the lights began to flash Jordan put on her game face and became the next top model.  Perched high above the sandy beach Jordan moved to the beat of the lights flashing.  Striking one pose after another.  When I said “I think we got what we need from this location” Jordan released a huge sigh of releaf.

The next model was the beautiful Jade she bounced out car ready to make magic. (I love her energy).  We made our way to the next location with two extra in tow.  We had both the make up artist following close Sara and Junior.  They both loved the location and the view.  Jade was striking poses as we set up lights and prepared to start.  As we began to photograph it were only Jade, Ebony and myself.  Sara and Junior stuck around to witness a few great shots but the SF cold ran them off.  Ebony was right there lending a helping hand whenever it was needed.  Jade moved fluently and had us on edge as she got closer to the ledge and then to make it even worse she was standing on one leg.  Jade looked as if she was on a magic carpet ride as her dress blow in the wind.

The night began to in gulp us so we prepared to pack up I took some time to get Ebony’s thoughts on her designs.  “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” Ebony told Shades of Color photography in her exclusive interview.  Ebony shows great passion in her designs and it love for fashion.  It was truly inspiring to say the least.


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