Beautiful and Intelligent, the Sky is the Limit

I am proud to introduce two wonderful young lady’s Lanisha Mclean and Ashley Brent .  First I met with Lanisha, she met me with a gorgeous smile and her warming personality.  I was happy to see that considering I was few minutes late for are first meeting to discuss the shoot. Lanisha-23222013

We agreed to do a studio shoot with dresses being the theme.  I was impressed with how natural Lanisha looked during the shoot.  She made every outfit standout but don’t let me be the judge take a look at some of the images.  Lanisha-23672013

Secondly I met with Ashley and she was stunning.  We met at the studio and this time I was early, just in case she got lost.  This was the first time I seen Ashley in person, and I was amazed at how lovely she looked.  We began to shoot and she even surprised me more by how fluent she moved.  The shoot went smooth, time seem to pass in a blink of an eye. Ashley went from one outfit to the next starting with an evening dress and finally to a sexy bikini.

I enjoyed shooting with both of these young lady’s.  What surprised me most, with Lanisha and Ashley were how comfortable they moved in front of the camera.  Neither of them had many shoots under their belt before this one.  Any photographer would be lucky to work with these two young lady’s.April 19 Ashley-79342013

I would like to say thank you to Lanisha and Ashley for making our shoot go so well.  I look forward to the next time.  Until then enjoy your journey.

April 19 Ashley-79992013


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