First Impressions

It was not a typical Saturday morning watching the sunrise in downtown Sacramento.  What makes this Saturday morning unique compared to most is that it’s dark and I’m meeting a young lady for the first time in person.  From the sound of her voice and her face book photos she’s going to make the perfect model.

India is a beginning model with a nice shade and beautiful eyes.  The morning chill is still in the air and the glow of the sun peeks over the cityscape.  I see India emerge from a small import car that looks as if it gets 35 mpg.  She’s a caramel complected young lady with long brown hair and grey eyes.  Her eyes look great but don’t fit her ethnicity, but fit her well.  We exchange pleasantries.

I explain to India what I was hoping for in the shoot and how I like to work.  India explains to me that this is her second shoot.  As the shoot began I saw the playful side of India when the camera wasn’t pointed in her direction.  In front of the camera India gave me the serious and focus look.  I tried to connect with her and bring out as much emotion I could.  The shoot went well and at the end I felt as if I knew India far longer then a few hours.









Several weeks later I found myself back at the same location watching the sunrise and the glow on the cityscape. It felt like déjà vu.   I walked the area looking for more options that the location may have.  As I cross the street a car pulled up with a young lady accompanied by an older gentleman.

LaShante jumps out of the car and gives me a big huge.  This was a bit odd being that I had never met LaShante in person.  I guess since it has been over a year since we met and have communicated via text fairly frequently.

LaShante is a well built brown skin young lady with an athletic build.  Her legs and arms are well defined.  LaShante touched up her make-up and expressed that she would like to do a mixed martial art (MMA) theme shoot.  She also stated that she would like the fight competitively in the MMA sport as well as be a fitness model.  I didn’t say anything to LaShante but if she does pursue fighting in the MMA cage I feel sorry for those other women.  LaShante body is ripped and she’s sexy that would be hard to live down if you get beat down by a hot model. (I’m just say in)

We began to shoot as the sun continued to rise.  LaShante would flash the camera with her giant gorgeous smile.  From time to time I found myself looking forward to her smile.  With a fun free spirit we moved around the building.

During the shooting I used a strobe and balanced it with the sun light.  I was two hands short being my assistant (Cautious) wasn’t available.  I wasn’t short on offers to assist from men and women passing by.  So I made a witty comment that LaShante can stop traffic.









We shot several outfits with the shoes being the largest part of the discussion.  I’m learning a lot about how important the right pair of shoes are for a woman.  LaShante was very understanding.  We continued to shoot and discussed doing a studio shoot next and I explained that I have a friend with a studio so when she’s available we can shoot.

Both of these shoots were fun and each model was amazing.  I feel that each of them have the personality to explore whatever they like in life.  I look forward to watching them grow and when they make it, they can take me a long for the ride.


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