Wild Crazy Hair Warehouse

The sound of a beeping Iphone wakes me as I search for the annoying device and clear my vision the red digital numbers across the room read 4:30am.  Moving slowly through the house gathering camera equipment the phone rings and it’s model, Solara confirming that we are still shooting.

With everything loaded in the car I arrive at the location that is an abandon warehouse in downtown Sacramento.  Greeted by the photographer assistant Cautious with donuts and moments later Rebecca and Solara arrive.  With the sun rising slowly Rebecca began working on Solara’s make up and hair.  One small problem presents its self there’s no electrical socket to plug the curling iron into.  Rebecca would make due with what she had available.

The theme of the shoot is crazy hair.  Solara hair is crazy and her make up is perfect.  The shoot begins on the north side of the building with the sun to the right of Solara.  With the use of one strobe and a reflector the shoot is off and running.

Solara moves from one pose to the next with grace and class.  Cautious uses the diffuser to soften the fill light as Rebecca looks on to identify any hair out of place or noticeable blemish.

The sun continues to rise and the golden hours are passing quickly.  With one more outfit to photograph we move to the alley.  Hoping the building blocks some of the sun we find cove under a half condemned tin roof.

We finished up the final out fit at 9 am.  As we packed up the equipment another model arrived with make up and hair complete.  She exchange pleasantries.  Monnie was a model that wasn’t available for the early morning shoot but expressed that she wanted to shoot so she came as soon as she could.

We took the strobes to the north side of the building and began shooting on the loading dock, which was covered from the sun.  With some natural light peeking through Cautious use the large diffuser to soften the light on the right side of Monnie’s face.

The shoot went for a little over one hour.  Monnie only brought one outfit to shoot in.  The shoot came to a close and not a moment to soon, everyone that was up at 5 am looked exalted.  I offered to buy breakfast at Stagecoach for anyone that like to come.  Solara and Cautious was the only takers.  We enjoyed a country breakfast as we flipped through the photos on the back of the LCD screen on the canon 20d.


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