Hotel Maxim Style Shoot

Thank you, for stopping by Shades of Color hotel glamour shoot.  The exact hotel will not be disclosed but I hope you enjoy what we did with the space that was available.

I would like to jump right into the preparation for this shoot.  There were several models contacted by Richard Keith to participate in this shoot.  Yvette and Angelic are Hispanic models and Akacia is African American model.

The room was separated into three sections.  The bed was the main set with the chair being the secondary location third was the window ledge.  The shoot started at approxately 6pm.

The models arrived with make up and hair completed.  Yvette was the first to take center stage.  As you can see in the photos she looked amazing.  She was a pleasure to work with; very little guidance was needed to capture the perfect shot.

Angelic was next to be photograph.  Her beautiful smile captivated the camera.  Angelic expressed that it had been several months since her last shoot.  She had a great personality and spirit and it showed on the images.

Akacia was the final model to pose.  Being that she’s posed for Richard in the past.  The connection was obvious, the poses were fluent and the camera fired consistently.  Very few words were pass between the two.

The soft music playing in the background kept the other models looking and tapping their feet as each prepared to be photographed in their next outfit.  The shoot went on for close to 3 hour.  The cheese platter was 50% consumed and several empty plastic water bottles were tossed to the side.

The models packed up their entire make up and extra outfits filed out of the room to start there Saturday night of fun and partying.  Richard reclined on the sofa with camera in hand.  With each station still set to shoot with modeling lights on.  The night was over.  Take a look at some of the images and please feel free to comment.  If you have any question Richard will try to get back to you ASAP.

Have a Great Day!


2 thoughts on “Hotel Maxim Style Shoot

  1. It is always a pleasure working with richard..hes great at setting the perfect mood for the scene and capturing the perfect photo, i cant wait to work with him again i guarantee anyone that shoots with him will not know what photo they love the best ..because a lot of them will be great .!

  2. Mr. Richard Keith is amazing at his photography and absolutely know how to make his models or clients feel comfortable. I’ve had the honor to work with him once again and like always his work was amazing !!!! Great lighting , wonderful setting & professional photographer what more can be asked for ?! Always looking forward to seeing his new work

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